Book Bonuses

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Get valuable resources and periodic updates that will help you save time, save money, maintain your sanity and manage your parent’s care from anywhere.

Free Bonus – Here’s what you get:

  • Resource Guide 1: Web Links A six-page resource guide with all of the web links to apps, websites, research papers, books and references listed in the book to help you address immediate challenges quickly.
  • Resource Guide 2: Tables A 10-page resource guide with all of the key tables in the book to help you plan, including Daily Routine Activities (E&Ls, IADLs, ADLs),Managerial and Participant Caregiving Roles, On-site and Remote Caregiver Planner, Example: Health Care Plan, CCRC Contract Terms and Conditions to Review, and Terms and Abbreviations Used Throughout the Book
  • A Sample Job Description and editable template so you can create your own.
  • A Forecasting Spreadsheet (xlsx) with three tabs:  Example Annual Income and Expense Budget (Table 11 from the book), Example 10-Year Forecast (Table 13), and Example Forecast with Assisted Living Scenario (Table 14)
  • A Routine Activities Tracking Spreadsheet (xlsx) to help you assess where your parent is with E&Ls, IADLs, and ADLs over time.  This tool will help you plan and forecast when they will need additional help and what type of help to arrange for next.
  • Regular Updates to the resources, plus new apps, tools and information.